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Profile Summary

Yanoar Pribadi Sarwono is a researcher and member of the Quantum Information & Computation research group. He is working on novel algorithms to solve the Schrödinger equation for atoms and molecules and to improve the current electronic structure calculation methods. He is looking for motivated students/candidates with a strong background in quantum physics. Interested candidates are welcome to contact him through email for the details of the research projects.

Academic Degrees

Work Experience

  • 2022–present, Researcher, BRIN Research Center for Quantum Physics, Indonesia.
  • 2021–2022, Postdoctoral Researcher, Shenzhen JL Computational Science and Applied Research Institute, China.
  • 2020, Research Staff, Department of Physics, City University of Hong Kong, China.
  • 2016–2017, Visiting Scholar, Beijing Computational Science Research Center, China.
  • 2007–2016, Physics Teacher, Penabur Secondary School, Kelapa Gading, Indonesia.

Selected Publications

  • Y. P. Sarwono, and R.-Q. Zhang, “Higher-order Rayleigh-quotient gradient effect on electron correlations.” J. Chem. Phys. 158, 134102 (2023).
  • F. U. Rahman, Y. P. Sarwono, and R. Zhang, “Solution of two-electron Schrödinger equations using a residual minimization method and one-dimensional basis functions“, AIP Adv. 11, 025228 (2021).
  • Y. P. Sarwono, F. U. Rahman, and R. Zhang, “Numerical variational solution of hydrogen molecule and ions using one-dimensional hydrogen as basis functions“, New J. Phys. 22, 093059 (2020).
  • F. U. Rahman, R. Zhao, Y. P. Sarwono, and R. Zhang, “A scheme of numerical solution for three-dimensional isoelectronic series of hydrogen atom using one-dimensional basis functions“, Int. J. Quantum Chem. 118, e25694 (2018).
  • H. Tao, R. Zhao, Y. P. Sarwono, and R. Zhang, “Improved projected Green’s function approach to electron tunneling lifetime calculations in quantum wells“, Phys. Rev. B 96, 235428 (2017).
  • R. Zhao, Y. P. Sarwono, and R. Zhang, “Tunneling lifetimes of electrons escaping from atoms under a static electric field“, J. Chem. Phys. 147, 064109 (2017).