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👨🏼‍🏫👩🏼‍🏫 Teaching & Learning

On this page, we collect some educational materials that our researchers have created for students, educators, and anyone interested in science, especially quantum physics. This collection includes a variety of engaging presentations, tutorials, lecture notes, and additional supporting materials, all designed to enable a deeper exploration of the key concepts and findings in our research field. Our goal is not only to simplify the learning process but also to create a collaborative and knowledge-sharing environment that encourages active participation and engagement in our research.

Quantum Field Theory for Condensed Matter Physics

  • Introduction to quantum field theory [video]
  • 1D harmonic chain and classical field formalism [video]
  • Hamiltonian formulation and symmetry breaking in 1D [video]
  • Energy density and heat capacity in 1D [video]
  • Quantization of quantum field [video]
  • Creation and annihilation operators [video]
  • Specific heat of quantum systems [video]
  • Harmonic oscillators modeled by van der Waals potential [video]
  • Second quantization [part 1, part 2]
  • Nearly free electron [video]
  • Tight-binding model [video]
  • Relativistic electron in graphene [video]
  • Coulomb interaction in the tight-binding model [video]

Advanced Condensed Matter Physics

  • Hubbard model, Mott transition, and antiferromagnetism [video]
  • Klein tunneling [video]
  • Valleytronics [video]

DFT Calculations with Quantum ESPRESSO (QE)

  • A brief introduction to density-functional theory (DFT) [notes, video]
  • QE installation [video]
  • Setting crystal structure in QE [video]
  • QE input parameters [video]
  • Self-consistent calculation [video]
  • Checking for convergence [video]
  • Simultaneous optimization of the unit cell and internal coordinates [video]
  • Calculate and plot charge density [video]
  • Density-of-states calculation [video]
  • Band structure calculation [video]
  • Phonon calculation [video]

Thermal Properties from phonopy

  • Introduction to phonons [video]
  • How to install phonopy [video]
  • Running phonopy [video]
  • Phonon bands & density-of-states calculation [video]
  • Thermal properties calculation [video]
  • Lattice thermal conductivity [video]
  • Grüneisen parameter [video]

Semiclassical Transport with BoltzTraP2

  • BoltzTrap2 installation [video]
  • How to run BoltzTrap2 [video]
  • Plot bands and Fermi surface [video]
  • Calculate transport properties represented by the Seebeck coefficient [video]

Writing Documents with LaTeX

  • Introduction to LaTeX and Overleaf [notes]
  • General code in LaTeX [video]
  • How to write Mathematical Notations and Equations [video]
  • How to add Tables, Pictures, Table of Contain, Reference, etc. [video]


  • Plotting Band Structure and DOS with GNUplot [video] or Python (matplotlib) [video]
  • Guidance on creating an appropriate figure for a scientific article or presentation [video]